Life With Candle Light – Old Electric Lighting habit BROKEN! Sustainability.


Well it turns out it wasn’t as hard as I thought to break the ‘turning on the light switch habit’. Today I didn’t automatically┬áturn on lights at all. Not once! I’m used to dim light and candle light at night already and that makes life much easier because I’m not mad at myself for hitting the switch and not irritated. In fact I find the natural life and candle light much more peaceful.

Today I prepared the gardens for planting seeds. Turned all the soil after work and mixed in manure until it was fine and soft. There was actually no rain for once which made the experience pleasant and allowed me to enjoy the outdoors the way it should be!

One thing that is hard is that my family isn’t taking me too seriously. Nope. This morning I asked them to stop eating tuna. They said no. Tonight they had tuna fish sandwiches for dinner. I was hurt. Didn’t say anything though. Just hurt. They’re also very critical about what I’m doing, testing me, not understanding or saying there’s better ways. My point is to reduce to low impact and inspire others. I know that me doing this won’t make a huge difference to the world (will to me, my figure and my wallet!) but if I inspire you to absorb some of my guidelines then it CAN make a difference. My point is to do this for life, not like No Impact Man’s 1 year and write a book. It’s a lifestyle change. I update my guidelines on my ‘Who Am I’ page as well.

Composting is easy. We have tons of earth worms in our gardens and when I turned the soil it was thick of them rolling around and turning the roots and bits of left over garden back to soil. I can only imagine what our compost looks like at the bottom!

leaf love

100 mile dieting is hard. I already eat healthy, but trying to find each thing in 100 miles means I’m not eating rice or bread really or sugar… or oils… and I already don’t eat meat… so no candy or junk food or much. And I’m working out because summer is coming (I’m being honest, I bet you do the same) so I’m dropping pounds. 100 mile diet is a real incentive to eat healthy and lose weight healthily. I recommend it. Maybe the dropping pounds will inspire you to do it. Plus, it’s sustainable because you’re not buying goods that traveled thousands of miles to get to you or across countries which that traveling pollutes our world. So you drop your carbon footprint and lose weight at the same time. Bonus. That is sustainable dieting right there. Dr. Oz should really get on the band wagon.

Oh, and my Bluefin Tuna and Write a Letter and Take Action pages are full of resources! I even started a petition to ask individuals to stop eating bluefin tuna (sign it on my bluefin tuna page). This is good news!


My next step is to write to my local politicians and prime minister about sustainable energy and the bluefin tuna issue. I encourage you to write to your politicians about issues you are passionate about (not ones I say to do, I believe you should have your own opinion and not absorb opinions from the tube or internet.) and let your voice come through in your own written letter because it will show you care and is not over looked like the form letters are! So see that page too!


Anyway, I have to go to bed because I’m teaching in the morning then working as a receptionist for a few hours at my second job because I need to save money to move out.



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