Keeping low impact

Well, I’ve had a lot of stress recently in my life with work and have been finding myself waking up this week and just wanting to turn on the light in the morning. It is very difficult when I’m exhausted to keep up the energy to be carrying around a candle and fumbling with the match to get it lit- or re-lit when the wax pools and covers the wick. I am definitely going to go buy an LED solar lamp after work this week. I think I am going to stop at Home Hardware or the Army and Navy and see what they got. Plus, it is great for camping too!

I am realizing that it is very hard, especially when your tired or if one had a busy family and kids to keep up the candle situation. Plus you can’t leave the candle alone in a room, there’s a constant worry that something terrible will go wrong and the house will be on fire.

It’s very dark here in the mornings and at night, and there usually is a constant grey color everywhere at all times during this time of the year. Light is needed and yet I want to be safe and sustainable. I’m going to have to go mini solar. Hopefully there’s enough light outside for it to work!

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