Journal: Progress and Growth in the Garden/.

Well, much progress has been made in my low impact life. Today, 4 of my seeds in my peat pots started growing! I am explaining this to you as I type in battery powered lamp light as candle light was much too dangerous. However it is proving hard to type, not because I normally have to look at a key board to see, but I kind of have to right now because I bought a bluetooth keyboard for my samsung tablet. Typing on a 10 inch keyboard is a strange notìon. It is so very small.

Anyway back to my progress. So yes, four plants have begun to sprout. On Friday I had one pumpkin seed pop up, today 2 more pumpkins, and 1 cucumber joined! The sun flowers and herbs outside have not started to grow, it will definitely be another 5 days I think before that happens.

The worm bucket is working well. Everyone is adding to it and last weeks items have started to rot and decay. Can’t see the worms however becauce they’re eating up the rich soil and very rotten things at the bottom. It has started to rain a lot again and they didn’t drown so this is good. I am worried about the container being too small and the gases killing them in the rotting food. That would be sad…

Well I am going to have to go. I have to break a rule tomorrow and buy a pair of shoes because all of mine broke or wore out inside and out and as a teacher I cannot show up with ripped flats that are white ìn areas when they should black. It has to happen.

Also, vinegar and water is a magical combination and saves soooo much money compared to windex.






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